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Black Oyster Dowel Kits

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**Note for your logs select hardwood trees. Oak, Maple, Birch, alder are the top choices. Cut your logs 1-3 weeks prior to inoculation. (watch our video to learn more about log selection)

Comes with 150 dowels inoculated with oyster culture.

Includes a set of instructions with a link to an instructional video. (selecting suitable trees for harvest) (inoculating your logs)

You need:

- a  5/16" bit and drill

- Freshly cut hardwood log (3-4' length, 4-6" diameter)

- Patience

***you will be contacted when dowels are ready for pickup/ to be shipped (within two weeks of your order). 

We always recommend you do a bit of research on how to inoculate, store and other specifics, this will ensure success.