What payment options do you have?

Currently we are only accepting eTransfers. The email will be provided to you when we confirm having received your order. In the details section of your eTransfer please put your name, address, and a number to reach you.

When do you deliver?

Deliveries are every Saturday. The route starts at 12pm.

Where do you deliver?

Currently we are only offering doorstep delivery to City of Sudbury residents.

What do they taste like?

Each mushroom we offer has a different flavour than the next. Shiitakes are very earthy and savoury. These are very flavourful. Chestnuts are very similar to the shiitakes in amount of flavour, but have a nutty kick. Oysters are very mild and versatile, the carry a mild almond flavour. Lion's mane is very meaty, and has a mild shellfish flavor. Enoki is another mild flavoured mushroom with a slight citrus flavour. Beech are very mild, similar to white buttons.