Grow mushrooms

From our garden to yours

Mushrooms can be grown at your home in so many ways! Indoors, outdoors, and even all year long.

There are several options for growing your own mushrooms, the main three ways are:

  1. A growing kit (fruit mushrooms on your counter year round). This is a great option, but it is short-lived. You’ll expect 1-3 flushes from your kits before most of the energy has been depleted.

See our video on growing your own oyster mushrooms!: 

See our video on growing your own lion's mane mushrooms!: 

  1. Inoculated hardwood logs. Logs offer a perennial mushroom crop in the spring and/or fall for 3-7 years depending on the species of hardwood you use. Inoculated wooden dowels are inserted into drilled holes throughout the log. See our video how to select suitable hardwood trees here:  See our video how to inoculate your logs here: . It takes about a year for the log to colonize and before you’ll see your first crop. IF you’re really into this idea and you have access to plenty of hardwood, a special plugging tool can be purchased, so that a single mushroom kit can inoculate over 30 logs.

  2. Garden bed mushrooms. A few species are candidates for growing in wood chips in garden beds, in the shade or underneath plants. For instance you can grow oyster mushrooms, King Stropharia (exclusively to garden beds, not suited to logs), buried reishi, buried maitake in garden beds.