Mushroom brushcetta

Ingredients (* items can be found by a local grower or artisan!)
*½ lbs shiitake mushrooms or ½ lb medley
*4 slices white crusty bread or 10 smaller baguette slices
Your choice of spreadable cheese, my top pick is cream cheese, but ricotta and *goat cheese are also very nice
*1 onion
2 cloves garlic
*Fresh parsley or basil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil +2 tbsp for sautéing
Salt and pepper to taste.
Preheat a large pan over medium heat, adding 2 tbsp of olive oil or butter. Slice shiitakes, onions and garlic thinly, discarding large or tough stems from the shiitakes. Add onions and mushrooms to the pan and cook for 5 minutes or until the mushrooms are fully cooked and the edges are starting to brown. Add garlic and cook for another minute.
Slice bread into 1/2 inch slices and toast. Add a generous amount of your cheese of choice. For a vegan version I recommend basting the bread in olive oil and a dash of salt before toasting, or use a vegan soft cheese.
Top the bread with mushrooms and sprinkle fresh parsley or basil on top.
In a Mason jar combine balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Shake the Mason jar with balsamic vinegar vigorously for one minute. Drizzle over toast and serve immediately. Although I like this bruschetta best served warm, it is quite yummy cold.